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日期:2021-10-11 09:49

End of Session 1 2021 - Final Assessment


All answers should be typed into the blank exam document provided and submitted via both

the Turnitin and final submission links by 0900am AEDT 09/06/2021. The separate answer

document is provided at the same link as you obtained this paper. Failure to do so will result in

a final grade of “F”.

Open Book

The is an 'open book' assessment. An open book assessment will assess the same learning

outcomes. The use of study resources such as textbook, unit materials and any other prepared

resources are permitted. However, please note that normal academic integrity rules apply. You

may use all other study materials from the unit (e.g. topic PDFs and associated readings,

workshop PDFs and associated readings, Textbook and associated readings, any readings or

resources that were previously sent in unit announcements) and you may use any research

resource you wish, but your answers must be in your own words, or be paraphrased and

referenced. Engaging with any other individual or colluding with any other individual about

exam questions is not permitted. Simply cutting and pasting into the exam paper is not

permitted and will not assist the quality of your answers. We are assessing your knowledge,

not the knowledge of another author. Plagiarism and contract cheating detection will be



As part of this process you are required to respond to several questions and activities. All your answers

must address the context of this scenario and the information given in the individual questions.

After graduating and getting a paid

internship with Atlassian, you have the

opportunity to spend time at their office

in Sydney in a variety of departments.

The company provides “agile tools for agile teams” – creating and providing software products for many

areas in managing software development.

End of Session 1 2021 - Final Assessment



Part A 54 marks – Shorter answer questions (6 marks each)

Part A includes 9 shorter answer questions and there are no enforced maximum or minimum word limits,

although it is strongly recommended you keep responses to less than 350 words in order to have enough

time to complete the exam. You are permitted to use your own graphics and tables where it assists you in

better answering a question. You should attempt all the questions (6 marks for each question).

A1. Is it possible to combine multiple tags (e.g. @author, @throws, @param) into a single-line comment

for Javadoc? Please explain your response!

Single line example:

/** Not much to document for Javadoc */

Multiple line example:


* Line One

* Line Two


A2. The Atlassian Ads team is getting ready to prepare a system vision document as part of their

software procurement process for a new software service. Who would require the document for

what reason? Describe the information they need to extract from the document and why it is

suggested to structure the SVD into two parts. What Agile practice might best assist with the

generation of a system vision document in this example?

A3. Atlassian University (see below) offers training and certification for their range of products. When a

user has been enrolled in one or more Atlassian University courses, their information is included in a

relevant user database. During the session of a course, the user can access their Atlassian University

dashboard with their user account. Generate at least one user story and two brief user acceptance

test strategies based on the information provided. If you were asked to conduct a Detailed Blackbox

Test for Atlassian University, would you need to inspect the software source code or user-interface

for this platform? Explain why or why not.

End of Session 1 2021 - Final Assessment


A4. Atlassian is a large advocate of Agile software development. An Atlassian dev team is working on a

customer relationship management system for one of their new financial technology products that

will be deployed to global banking institutions. They will be using the Scrum process management

methodology. The CEOs want to see this product rolled out in 12 months. Based on this information,

describe and explain possible difficulties or problems that may occur during the development


A5. Atlassian’s Internet of Things (IoT) team is designing and developing a new IoT software system to

assist industry with supply chain management (e.g. suppliers, shipping, wholesalers). Recommend a

distributed architecture for this system and justify your recommendation. Discuss any emerging

trends in service-oriented-architecture (SOA) that may be useful to the team and this project.

A6. In your studies you considered both centralised and distributed version control systems. Below is an

excerpt from Apache Subversion (or SVN), a centralised version control system. It begins with the git

svn clone command, which imports a Subversion repository into a local Git repository. The git svn

clone command actually runs the equivalent of two other git commands on a URL provided. The

source code for this unknown product has approximately 97,000 lines of code. Why might this

process take a long time in this system? What would happen if you tried to copy an original

repository to another remote repository instead of a local one?

A7. Atlassian University is Atlassian’s online e-learning platform. A part of this is a system for querying a

user’s scores for all courses that a user has purchased. This system is read-only for a user, but

Atlassian staff can create and change scores. Outline a very simple design of this system using the

four operations associated with objects in RESTful services.

A8. Atlassian is looking to purchase a third party software component and needs to publish a Request

document as part of the early development stages of one of their security products. Justify the use

of an RFT in an organisation such as Atlassian for this project. You will need to outline the attributes

of the project and its current progress in your answer. The procurement team you are currently

spending time with is not interested in the details of the RFT, just why Atlassian would do one and

why would someone respond. In your answer you must justify the choice of an RFT over other wellknown

request types.

End of Session 1 2021 - Final Assessment


A9. A lot of Atlassian’s products use browser portals which makes it important to stay on top of browser

updates. Google Chrome supports several different release channels. They use these channels to

slowly roll out updates to users, starting with the Canary channel builds, all the way up to stable

channel releases. In between are also the Dev Channel and the Beta Channel.

a) You are asked to discuss ‘daylies’/’nightlies’ and continuous integration (CI), in the context of

Google Chrome. Which of the above development channels will you discuss and why?

b) These build management channels manage the compilation and linkage of source code to object

code to executable systems. Compare and contrast the two ways that build systems decide which

source file or object file needs to be respectively compiled and linked to form a new executable?

(Assume that for efficiency reasons the build process only does this when necessary).

Part B 46 marks - Essay Style Questions (11.5 marks each)

Part B includes 4 questions. You are permitted to use graphics and tables as part of your answers.

B1. As a former student of SCU you are familiar with Turnitin – the tool used to detect plagiarism.

This system allows on-line checking of paper submissions to detect possible plagiarism. The

system must track submission time and dates and provide an analysis of the matches found in

other people’s work, in Internet documents and in paper-based publications such as books and

magazines. The analysis is available to the person who submitted the paper as well as the

academic reviewer.

The plagiarism detection and matching must be configurable providing for:

? Optional checking of bibliographies

? Allow proper quotations to be excluded

? Allow setting a minimum number of matching words

? Allow resubmission of papers up to a given date/time

The testing team you are currently with set you the task of outlining an acceptance test for the

above system as described. Full marks will be awarded to those plans that can automate the

acceptance test and show an example of a simple automated acceptance test script.

B2. Your Atlassian internship liaison officer has introduced you to some of the IoT team members in

the organisation. You are asked to give a presentation to all IoT team members in which you

need to describe and explain Web Services. As part of this detailed explanation, describe the

significance of the coordination services in SOA (service-oriented architecture) systems to the

team members. Your responses and explanation must be relevant to IoT.

End of Session 1 2021 - Final Assessment


B3. The image below shows a UI from Microsoft’s job application site. You are currently spending

time with the programming team who has asked you to develop a black-box test plan for this

interface from a purely functional point of view, using strategies you have learned about or any

you can think of.

? You can assume the “Search jobs” field is a “search” field

? Below that are check boxes and more search fields

? Do not forget the ‘Most Relevant” dropdown box on the right side which also offers

“Most Recent” and “Most Popular” sorting options.

? The ‘save’ function can be assumed to act as a bookmarking function

? Hyperlinks are found in the results section

The programmers in this team engage in several Extreme Programming (XP) practices, such as

paired programming. As part of your response, describe user stories in XP, and write user

stories to describe the task/requirements outlined above.

End of Session 1 2021 - Final Assessment


B4. As part of Atlassian University’s scoring approvals system is a web-based component (e.g. HTML

pages) which links to a user management system that records final scores in courses. The

permanent storage (student management system) is not part of the scoring approval system

and is maintained by another team in Atlassian. 12 programmers and software development

professionals are responsible for the development and maintenance of the scoring approvals

part of Atlassian University. It also has some ancillary staff for marketing, sales, legal and other

business functions. The scoring approvals system of Atlassian University has three internal

stages handled by the system, for you to consider:

? Atlassian University assessors enter scores of a user in a course

? Scores are approved by a committee of assessors

? Scores are published by a user administration group for a Atlassian University user to be

able to see their score

Using any resources permitted, complete the following tasks:

a. Identify the sources of change requests (2 marks).

b. How should change requests be prioritised (2 marks)?

c. Recommend an organisational approach source code management during the

development cycle. (You may have seen several ideas so just describe one

appropriate for this organisation and project – there are several correct

answers) (2 marks).

d. Design a release contents list, which will list components in addition to the

actual app executable. (2.5 marks).

e. Recommend a testing process for each release. (There are several alternatives

and correct answers.) (3 marks).

Part C Online interview (Pass/Fail)

You must contact your Unit Assessor when completing this paper and you will receive a zoom meeting

link in the following 24 hours. You must complete and pass the activity to pass the exam.

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